Individuals suffering from depression tend to be idle, unoccupied and discouraged. This picture of distress and deep sadness is not healthy and only aggravates the state of the sick person.,A variety of illnesses, especially mental and psychological illness, can be helped by physical activities. Most health professionals always present routines with physical exercises to help in these situations, which is effective and positive.,One of the diseases that can be helped by physical activity is depression, since the problem involves biological, psychological and genetic aspects. Although it is a very complex disease, steps like these can aid in therapy.,Is the improvement proven?,It has already been scientifically proven that depressive patients treated solely with medication have fewer positive outcomes than people treated with drugs and exercise.,Depression needs to be accompanied and treated seriously and physical activity only comes to add. That’s why doctors always recommend it to patients who have it.,If activity is performed long term, the results tend to be very positive, since a new habit is formed. It is as if the patient had a new distraction and a reason to keep exercising.,This is due to the fact that the nervous system ends up releasing endorphin during the activities. Such a substance causes a feeling of well being and remains over hours in the human body.,Because of this, the patient completely changes. The difference in the life of the sick subject is perceptible and palpable. He will remain more agitated, excited and no longer accommodated reconsidering the sadness.,Sequences of Exercises,The most recommended is to chart a flow or exercise routine for the person who will start the treatment. Walking is the best activity for anyone who is starting. The patient can walk in the period 30 or 40 minutes always accompanied.,When the practice of the walk is already determined, the time can be extended or the patient can start to alternate and run. Other activities may also be introduced to this new routine.,The ideal is to establish an alternation, performing aerobic and anaerobic activities. By occupying mind and time with these types of exercises the patient will eventually isolate himself from depression.,It is important for the patient to practice sports in environments that are most enjoyable for them. Large and outdoor seating are pleasant and pass the feeling of tranquility, so one of the most recommended.,,

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