Hemp oil has been used for its medicinal properties for ages. Today, in this article, we will discuss what hemp oil is, its benefits and use in treatment of skin conditions, such as Eczema.,So, what exactly is hemp oil?,For starters, hemp oil comes from Cannabis sativa plant’s seeds. However, the plant has varied levels of compounds with a rich profile of nutrients, bio active compounds and fatty acids. Hemp oil is used in the treatment of various health issues, including inflammation. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds and is applied directly on the affected area on skin. It has therapeutic results for various skin conditions and can be used as a combination with other topical products as well.,The fatty acid’s concentration in hemp oil is high, which include linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid; both of them have proven results in terms of skin-enhancing.,The ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 in hemp oil is 3:1, which is ideal for human body and makes it the perfect choice for beauty products, lotions, soaps, hair care and detergents.,Dr Evans (Dermatologist, CT) states that ‘the fatty acids found in hemp oil are beneficial for treatment of various skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions”.,Benefits of Hemp oil,Hemp oil, when applied to skin strengthens it and makes it strong to resist infection. It is also useful in the treatment of skin diseases such as:,• Dermatitis,• Psoriasis,• Eczema,• Lichen eczema,• Varicose eczema,• Acne rosacea,The fatty acids and useful compounds present in oil benefit the treatment of these skin diseases. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of hemp oil benefit eczema sufferers. Hemp oil contains compounds which regulate staphylococcus-bacteria which causes large pimples that worsen the situation in eczema sufferers. Hemp oil can prevent the pimple flare-ups if used on regular basis.,The legality of hemp oil and its status in different countries and states makes it difficult for a doctor to study it in-depth and gain funding for conducting research and experiments on it. Nevertheless, the benefits of hemp oil are well-known, and it’s readily used in beauty products and creams especially related to skincare.,The fatty acids present in hemp oil balances the natural pH of the skin and prevent inflammation resulting in acne. It has been observed that with regular use of hemp oil, chronic acne can be minimized to a great extent.,Safety,When considering the application of hemp oil, it is generally considered to be safe when topically applied directly on the skin. There are no signs of any risks or danger associated with the regular application of hemp oil. But, if you have a dry skin type, it is recommended to first try the oil on a small area in order to confirm that no allergies or itchiness is associated with it. Having a mild irritation is completely normal, but if you feel a burning sensation, immediately rinse the area thoroughly with water and remove the oil.,No reports have surfaced regarding the side effects of using the oil, but some people have reported a change in weight and appetite, mild fatigue and diarrhea during its use. Kindly note that it is not recommended for minors as the safety for children has not been proven yet, so its best to keep it away from them.,Using hemp oil for Eczema,The best way to use this oil is to directly apply it to the skin or the affected area. It is available in many different forms and products such as creams, serums, lotions and soaps. If you like, you can have your homemade mix as well. You can pair hemp oil with soothing ingredients to help heal better such as essential oils, Aloe Vera and coconut oil to purify and boost the skin. Ingestion of the oil is not recommended as there is not enough research on it yet.,You will feel the benefits of hemp oil once you apply it to your skin and leave it there for about two to three minutes. You can rinse your skin with warm water after wards to wash it away after your skin has absorbed all the nutrients.,Caution,If you suffer from any serious dermatological condition, then consult with your dermatologist as he or she will be able to recommend the best skin products including lotions and cream which are hemp-based according to your particular condition. Never use a product without consultation with your dermatologist as it may worsen your skin condition.,So, to sum it all up, hemp oil has proven results in terms of healing skin conditions, and it has a wide usage. But, consult with your doctor before taking any hemp-based products, as it cannot substitute for your medication if you have a serious condition.,Julianne has always loved finding solutions to help people live a happy life! Researching and find out that Hemp Oils have great benefits in our everyday life is how she helped in starting a website focused only in the areas of Hemp Oils and Hemp Products Hemp Oils. What you will see is that there are a variety of benefits and solutions that can be reached with such an affordable product.,

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