Extensive research is constantly underway in the beauty industry and in the field of skin care. In recent years, a product has been discovered that is vegan and is extracted as an oil from plants.,The product is called Squalane. Squalane is used for skin care, both in face and body creams. It is also available as an active ingredient in various face serums.,Squalane is extracted from sugar cane and the discovery and extraction is revolutionary in the field. Two friends, also experts in skin care, had like everyone else in the beauty industry, long looked for the perfect ingredient to be able to make a product for the skin that allows the skin to retain its elasticity and youthful luster.,By chance, they discovered this perfect formula for the skin. The substance is found naturally in our body. At a certain age, usually around the age of 30, the substance naturally decreases in the body and initiates the skin’s own aging.,100% herbal and vegan.,Squalane is a 100% herbal and vegan ingredient. It contains no parabens or alcohol and has not been used in animal testing.,The great thing about this product is also that it is a so-called adaptive ingredient, which thus adapts to your skin regardless of the type of skin you have.,This makes it work so well on all types of skin, your dry skin regains moisture and your oily skin gets a much better structure and appearance. With regular use in old age, your skin can regain its natural, youthful radiance.,Squalan oil is a “dry” oil that is quickly absorbed by your skin and allows your skin to breathe. The oil is also not compact so that it clogs your pores but leaves the surface of your skin dry and fine after application.,Anti-inflammatory properties,Squalan is also claimed to be one of the secrets behind Jennifer Lopez maintaining her beauty. The products that contain squalane oil have both anti-inflammatory properties while being said to prevent skin aging.,Regular use of products containing squalane is recommended to maintain skin elasticity and youthful appearance.,With its good properties, squalane is an ingredient that is said to relieve acne and rosacea, it can help with psoriasis but even if you have dry and itchy scalp that can cause dandruff and scabies. With this product, you have the opportunity to remedy many common skin and scalp problems.,Due to its natural properties, squalane is also a substance that works well in nature’s cycles and that you can use with a clear conscience without having to worry about it having a negative impact either on the environment or on your body.,My name is Linda, a Swedish writer, blogger and health nut. My background is within spa therapy, personal training and diet (Licensed Dietitian). I run a small company that handles a massage school, health site (https://xn--hlsoguide-v2a.se/) and news articles.,

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