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Beverly Hills, California/Canadian-Media “NARCOTIC LOVER”, conceived by Master Couturier Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino is the newest fragrance to hit the market in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

Slow the Aging Process on a Cellular Level and help heal the Brain through the Power of fragrance with new parfum… “NARCOTIC LOVER”

Designed from carefully selected dynamic florals with their fragrance containing distinct synergies which provide both healing and anti-aging properties and stimulate the brain through scent thereby helping to remove negative impulses that lead to ill health and the aging process of the physical body.

Medical scientific health studies and research have confirmed the use of compatible florals that not only slow mental decline but also comfort the body.

Equipped with all these floral synergies which provide a dynamic vision leading to prosperity and love, NARCOTIC LOVER, the fragrance of choice will soon become the leading global perfume industry dominated by a new breed and market of consumers set to spend close to $68 billion dollars on perfume by 2021 due to a higher propensity and heightened importance on personal appearance and grooming. (www.perfumerflavorist.com)

In addition, increased demand for youth-oriented, floral, and exotic fragrances and celebrity perfumes will set the pace for rapid market expansion.

NARCOTIC LOVER has also birthed itself among the realities of artists and previous revolutionaries who chose self-expression through color, light, and scent, thus bringing into the force of nature, a sense of “knowing” the true meaning of one’s existence. This very concept was discussed according to a EUROMONITOR, Oct 2013 Summer Report, which stated that a FATWAH was issued in June 2012 by Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael, Grand Mufti at the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai on the issue of perfumery. This report stated that Muslims can use alcohol-based fragrances, due to the proportion of alcohol in fragrances being low. While the Fatwah stated that cautious Muslims could use oil-based fragrances that are alcohol-free, it also stated that the use of alcohol-based fragrances would not affect the purity of Muslims’ prayers. This Fatwah thus encouraged many Saudi consumers to expand their purchase of fragrances to include alcohol-based fragrances from prestigious based global brands. in the Middle East on the issue of perfumery.

NARCOTIC LOVER represents a universalist and unisex fragrance in that it appeals to men, women, angels, and demons. All forces of nature in darkness and in light are drawn to NARCOTIC LOVER as love never fails, along with the ability to rise above one’s circumstances in all areas a scent, that surpasses all imaginations!

As perfumes, today have evolved into a mainstream business in the cosmetics and personal care industry, they are far from being non-essential and frivolous and have emerged as essentials, owing to the increasing trend of appearance and personal care becoming a part of the pride, self-reliance, and confidence, thus NARCOTIC LOVER!

Coppertino and Associates CG is a premier family-based business organization for representing new and current company interests. In operations since 1978, with children and grandchildren employees and volunteers, we remain focused and in complete leadership control of top branding services, corporate oversight, and business formation services. We present press, publicity, and media relations for accountable business development for businesses around the world, and love our newest client, NARCOTIC LOVER.

NARCOTIC LOVER has been produced by one of the world’s leading perfume houses in the United States; which has developed and now manages over 500 perfume accounts globally; since 1982.

For more information on how to invest in the 2021 re-launch and release of NARCOTIC LOVER, or to request a fragrance sample/purchase information, please contact CAACG at [email protected].

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