We often start to fall when we seek happiness as our ultimate goal. In our quest for happiness, we often do the wrong things – we consume, place our faith in others for help, and fill our bodies with prescriptions and toxic chemicals. Instead, we should be searching for purpose and responsibility. Finding something meaningful in our lives and taking responsibility for it is what gets us through times of suffering – not fancy cars, more children or bigger houses.,When I started my fitness business in Toronto a few years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of it. Truthfully, I was scared for my financial position. Toronto is an expensive city and I didn’t have much money to fall back on. With a wife and child to support, I placed all my chips in one basket, so it there was zero room for error. Over time, it started to become more successful and I was making some money to support us. However, aside from that, I came to find great fulfillment in helping others make improvements in their lives, not from what I had in my bank account. And that didn’t just include our clients but also my personal trainers that I took on board. I realized that I had the power to influence others.,I came to realize that my greatest purpose, that our greatest purpose is to make the world a better place. And what makes us strong is when we stick to our good values, no matter the circumstances that we find ourselves in. The more responsibility we take on for this ultimate goal, the more fulfillment we achieve and the more sense of happiness we feel. Of course, you also need to take care of yourself and your needs but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.,I believe that’s the greatest life lesson that we can teach. Take on as much purposeful responsibility as humanly possible. Grab the world and bestow it on your shoulders. The more you run with it, the more broad your shoulders will become and the lighter you’ll feel standing up straight.,Scott Everson is an award-winning personal trainer, motivational speaker, and the current owner of Busy Bee Fitness Experts https://busybeefitness.ca located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. For more information on Busy Bee, please visit the website.,

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