Moles are small colored spots on the skin and they occur when the cells in our skin grow in a cluster. Usually, it is these cells that grow throughout the skin and give moles their natural color.,Did you know that each noticeable mole on your body carries a hidden meaning?,According to many cultures around the world, the position of these moles on different body parts say a lot about a person’s character. Let’s find out what your moles mean and say about your personality!,Number 1 – Mole on the Forehead,A mole on your forehead is considered a sign of prosperity. But, the exact location of the mole also changes its significance! For example, a mole in the middle of your forehead represents wisdom. You have clear insights and you’re active and industrious. It also points towards a happy marriage.,A mole on the right side of your forehead means that you will make a great partner – be it in business or marriage. If you have a mole on the left side of your forehead, you aren’t as fortunate, as it denotes a lack of luck in life.,Number 2 – Mole on the Eyebrows,A mole in the middle of your eyebrow denotes leadership qualities, wealth and fame. A mole on the right side of your eyebrow signifies great success, a wonderful marriage, and healthy children.,If the mole is on the left side of your eyebrow, it signifies cowardice, addiction, few children, and you may face troubles regarding your job or in business.,Number 3 – Mole around the Eyes,A mole outside the corner of your right eye is a good sign. You are considered, to be honest, sober and trustworthy. If the mole, however, is on the corner of your left eye, this represents an arrogant, untrustworthy person.,Number 4 – Mole on the Chin,A mole on either side of your chin indicates that you are affectionate and caring. A mole on the chin signifies adaptability, determination, and stubbornness. Because the chin represents movement, when a mole shows up here, it means that you’ll fall in love with the idea of traveling.,In addition to this, a mole on the right side of your chin represents logical thinking and diplomatic nature, and a mole on the left side of your chin means that you are straightforward, blunt and honest.,Number 5 – Mole on the Neck,A mole on the front of your neck signifies good luck and artistic ability with a sweet voice. If the mole is on the back of your neck it represents an angry and aggressive personality.,Number 6 – Mole on the Cheeks,A mole on either cheek represents a courageous, sincere and studious person. You may not be interested in material pleasures of life, but you will be a gifted athlete. A mole on your right cheek denotes a sensitive and caring personality, and you value family. A mole on your left cheek represents that you have an introverted personality.,Number 7 – Mole on the Nose,A mole on the nose says that a person has high self-respect, is a sincere friend, and a hard-working individual. Look out for the person who has a mole on the tip of their nose, as they are often quite short-tempered.,A mole on the right side of your nose means that you are passionate, and tend to seek opportunities to get laid often. A mole on the left side of your nose represents struggle.,Number 8 – Mole on the Lips,A beauty spot near the lips says that you always aspire to get ahead in life. If the mole is located on the right or left corner of your upper lip, it indicates that you’re a foodie and you’re in pursuit of the finer things in life.,If the mole is on your lips, this means that you should take care of your diet as you’re prone to health issues.,Number 9 – Mole on the Shoulders,If you have a mole on your left shoulder, you tend to be difficult and may insist on being right all the time. If there’s a mole on your right shoulder, it means that you are wise, brave and courageous.,Number 10 – Mole on the Chest,A mole on the chest indicates that you can be extremely amorous and sensual. However, financial troubles are quite frequent in your life if you have a mole on the right side of your chest.,Read:,These Holes On Your Lower Back Makes You Special,

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